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  • Events | The South African Flameproof Association

    Events 2024 Events SAFA MiE Meetings: 7 February 3 April 5 June 7 August 2 October SAFA MiE Workshops: 21-23 May 2024 SAFA General Meetings: 6 March 8 May 3 July 4 September (AGM) 6 November SAFA Organising Committee Meetings: 7 February 6 March 3 April 8 May 5 June 3 July 7 August 4 September 2 October 6 November SAFA Ex Steering Committee Meetings: 7 February 6 March 3 April 8 May 5 June 3 July 7 August 4 September 2 October 6 November SAFA Exco Meetings: 7 February 3 April 5 June 7 August 2 October 4 December ​ Delve into the highlights of our previous events, where industry professionals and thought leaders gathered to share knowledge and insights. Relive the valuable experiences, engaging discussions, and memorable moments. Past Events View Past Presentations View Past Programmes Discover a collection of stunning photographs showcasing our events, achievements, and the vibrant spirit of our community and let the images tell the stories of our remarkable journey.. Event Photos View Photo's

  • Intrinsic Safety | The South African Flameproof Association

    Intrinsic Safety Please contact with any suggestions or comments of matters concerning intrinsic safety. ​ The group will meet every two months, and has set its objectives as follows: ​ To communicate on a regular basis. To gain and exchange knowledge and experience between end users, suppliers, vendors, test houses, and legal authorities. To share and implement best practices. To ensure practical IS installations and standardize on IS loops. To identify and discuss typical problems and concerns in the industry and solve them. To get feedback from the test houses and trends in the international arena. To fill the gap in the knowledge of role players. To provide information on local IA certification & the implications. To work towards full compliance with IECEx. Exic Clarification From IS Sub-Committee Meeting These questions were raised at the IS meeting on 18 August. Herewith follows the questions and answers: Q - Where does it say that Exic is for zone 2 only? A - The relationship is identified in 60079-14 section 5.3 and 5.4 - (please click here for 60079-14 section 5.3 and 5.4) Q - Where does it say that it does not require a barrier/isolator? A - This statement isn't true, you will need an IS interface - barrier, isolator or I/O card or a device with suitable IS safety parameters declared. Q - Where does it say that you can run Exic wiring with Exia & Exib wiring? A - It appears in both 60079-14 and Draft 60079-25 - (Please click here for the latter) Q - What is necessary for loop drawing approvals? i.e. how do you do calcs? A - It will follow the same process that we have now. However, as per Chris T note cable parameters are not likely to cause a problem for most installations. Please Click Here for the 'Comparison of the techniques of Intrinsic Safety ‘ic’ and Energy Limitation ‘nL' View Intrinsic Safety Documents

  • Executive Committee | The South African Flameproof Association

    Executive Committee Past President Mr. Arthur James Cameron CCG Cable Terminations (Pty) Ltd President Mr. Eldon Kruger Pratley Marketing (Pty) Ltd - JHB Mrs. Terine Orsmond Mining and Surface Certification Mr. Gerhard Pillay Sallab (Pty) Ltd President Elect Mr. Paul Meanwell Komatsu Mining Corp Mr. William Tshenye Synfuels Operations a div of Sasol SA (Pty) Ltd Ms. Katlego Setwaba Pepperl+Fuchs (Pty) Ltd Treasurer Mr. Max Koen HAZLOC Consultants & Training Mr. Henk Zwart South African Colliery Engineers Association Mrs. Cynthia Badenhorst VdW&Co

  • Learn More About The South African Flameproof Association

    About Us What is The South African Flameproof Association? The South African Flameproof Association (SAFA) is a non profit body, and is an association of companies involved in explosion prevention/protection techniques for equipment used in hazardous atmospheres in industry and mining. It comprises almost 200 member companies which include both end users and manufacturers, as well as relevant government bodies and equipment testing houses. The association has branches in Gauteng (Johannesburg) KwaZulu-Natal (Durban) and the Cape (Cape Town). In terms of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the South African National Committee of the IEC, the Association is the official South African Mirro r Committee for the IECEx Sche me. SAFA is registered as a voluntary association with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). Our Vision is to be the recognised authority in South Africa on explosion prevention technology used in potentially hazardous locations. ​ Our Mission - Stakeholders are important to us and we shall strive to promote and encourage the interests in terms of safety of the industry in the field of explosion prevention technology. View Constitution View Complaints Procedure Our Objectives Internal Objectives External Objectives Drive safety and best practices in the Industry Develop competencies and promote training Influence the formulation and implementation of National & International Standards and Regulations Improve and maintain excellent stakeholder relationships Maintain Industry Leadership Ensure responsible association governance Attract and retain new skills within the association Deliverables to members must be of quality standards

  • News & Marketing | The South African Flameproof Association

    News & Marketing SAFA News Engineers Need To Act Now ​ The Minister for the Built Environment has published dra ft policy docu ment Notice 337 of 2008 indicating that ECSA would be converted into a professional board that will report to the South African Council for Built Environment (SACBE) who in turn will report to the Minister for the Built Environment.

  • SAFA Young Professional Free Webinar - 17 April 2024

    SAFA Young Professional Free Webinar 17 April 2024 Terms and Conditions: Please contact Dion Abrahams if you are unable to attend -

  • Awards | The South African Flameproof Association

    Awards The awards were presented during the Cocktail Awards Evening on Wednesday, 8 November 2023. The submission categories were: ​ CONTRIBUTION TO SAFETY A product system or service which has made a significant contribution to safety in hazardous area environments. TECHNICAL INNOVATION An innovative product or system for use in hazardous area environments. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE A company or corporate division that has provided excellent customer service in the sector over the last two years. YOUNG PROFESSIONAL AWARD ​THE DELEGATE AWARD / PRESIDENT’S AWARD ​ ​ PRESIDENT’S AWARD Gerhard Pillay TECHNICAL INNOVATION Schalk Kruger (award received by William Tshene) CONTRIBUTION TO SAFETY Henk Zwart BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE CCG Cable Terminations BEST EXHIBITION STAND CCG Cable Terminations YOUNG PROFESSIONAL AWARD Gerhard Pillay Best Exhibition Stand CCG Cable Termination Contribution to Safety Award Dean Martin from Hazardous Location Centre, Sasol Infrachem Best Customer Service Award Geritt Schepers, MASC Technical Innovation Award Ni cholas Lackinger, CCG Cable Termination on behalf of Geof Mood Best Customer Service Award Pieter Coetzee, Sasol Secunda Technical Innovation Award Marc Van Pelt, Pepperl + Fuchs Contribution to Safety Award Nick Wells from Independent Inspection Services Technical Innovation Award Sven Breedt, Pratley on behalf of Eldon Kruger Presidents Award and Best Customer Service Award Katlego Setwaba, Pepperl + Fuchs Best Presenter Award Gary Friend Award of Excellence Henk Zwart Best Exhibition Stand CCG Cable Terminations Award of Excellence Jabulani Nhlapo Award of Excellence Alan Dawson Product Innovation Award Joynx Pty Ltd Award of Achievement MTEx Laboratories President’s Award Kim Pratley and Paul Meanwell Best Presenter Award Schalk Kruger ​ Best Exhibition Stand Pratley Marketing ​ Company of the Year based on Current Contribution CCG Cable Terminations ​ Member of the Year based on Current Contribution Arthur Cameron ​ Young Achiever of the Year Sarieet Theron ​ Most Innovated Product Engineered Solution CCG Cable Terminations ​ President's Award Dr Johannes Auret and Willa Breed Young Achiever of the Year Olga Mothibedi Member of the Year based on Current Contributions Schalk Kruger Most Innovative Product or Engineer Solution Hazleton Pumps International (Pty) Ltd From the left (Back Row): Bennie Lemmer - Pratley Marketing, Pieter Coetzee - Sasol, Schalk Kruger - Sasol, Eldon Kruger - Pratley Marketing, Mathys Wehmeyer - Hazleton Pumps International, Jaco le Roux - CCG Cable Terminations President's Award Max Koen Member of The Year Based on Current Contributions Pieter Coetzee Young Achiever of the Year Sicelo Kunene Best Presentation Award Henk Zwart Most Innovative Product or Engineering Solution Roelof Viljoen Awards Of Excellence 2013 Young Achiever of the Year Award David Maree Member of the Year based on Current Contributions Pieter Coetzee Most Innovative Product or Engineering Solution Award CCG Cable Terminations President’s Award Pieter Coetzee Exceptional Service Award Paul Meanwell

  • TC0065

    TC 0065 SABS-TC 0065_N537_IEC_P-PUBS_SC31G SABS-TC 0065_N539_IEC_P-PUBS_SC31M SABS-TC 0065_N540_IEC_P-PUBS_TC31 SABS-TC 0065_N541_IEC_P-PUBS_TC70 SABS-TC 0065_N542_IEC_WORKPROGRAMME_SC31G SABS-TC 0065_N543_IEC_WORKPROGRAMME_SC31J SABS-TC 0065_N545_IEC_WORKPROGRAMME_TC31 SABS-TC 0065_N546_list of Reaffirm standards SABS-TC 0065_N547_programme of work_TC065 SABS-TC 0065_N548_Published standards since last meeting SABS-TC 0065_N549_Published standards_TC065 SABS-TC 0065_N550_SABS-TC 0065_N512_Ratified Minutes_SABSTC065_26 April 2023 SABS-TC 0065_N551_SABSTC065 Committee Meeting Agenda_25 April 2024 SABS-TC 0065_N552_SABS-TC0065_SBP_2024 ​

  • Membership | The South African Flameproof Association

    Membership Membership Documents Member Benefits If your company or organization is involved in explosion prevention technology, or if your operations involve any work in hazardous or potentially hazardous areas, then you should consider becoming a member of SAFA. Documentation Download Printable SAFA Membership Application Form Download Printable SAFA Membership Policy Full Members Can Expect A forum in which they can express views and ideas on explosion protected equipment. Sub committees which provide valuable input to South Africa's testing and governmental bodies. Member companies are often invited onto SABS committees which form standards leading to legislation. General discussions and interchange of viewpoints with other companies, both suppliers and end users, involved in the explosion protection industry. Access to information from experts in particular fields of explosion protection concepts and hazardous areas. An opportunity to disseminate information to other interested parties. A forum giving the opportunity to contribute meaningful input regarding codes of practice and standards. The accreditation of being a member of an association that is respected in industry. Use of SAFA Member logo (To be used for displaying a company/individual’s membership of SAFA.) - Download Individual MIE Membership Offers the Following Benefits Use of SAFA MIE Member logo (To be used for displaying a company/individual’s membership of SAFA.) - Download MIE focused webinars and events at reduced member rates. Communication updates on legislation and standards. MEMBERS LIST HONORARY MEMBERS LIST

  • SAFA AGM 2023

    SAFA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 6 SEPTEMBER 2023 REGISTER NOW SAFA 45th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 6 September 2023 13:00 – 15:00 Venue: ACDC Dynamics, 2 Nguni Drive, Longmeadow Estate West, Edenvale, JHB ​ 1. NOTICE CALLING THE MEETING 2. APOLOGIES 3. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING • Minutes of meeting held 14 September 2022 4. PRESIDENTS REPORT 5. FINANCE • Audited Financial Statements for year ending 30 June 2023 7. AUDITORS • Appointment of auditors 8. YOUNG PROFESSIONALS 10. PRESENTATION • Speaker & Topic (TBA) 10. CLOSURE IMPORTANT: Registration is compulsory. Members are reminded that the Company is the SAFA Member, and not the individual. Therefore, you are welcome to invite your colleagues to attend the SAFA Annual General Meeting and all other SAFA General Meetings.

  • SAFA MiE Free Workshop - May 2024

    SAFA MIE Workshops in Durban and Cape Town 21 - 23 May 2024

  • SAFA Master Installation Electrician | The South African Flameproof Association

    MIE EVENTS MIE MEMBER APPLICATION MIE DOCUMENTS SAFA MIE BENEFITS MIE MEMBERS SAFA MiE Meetings 2024: 7 February 3 April 21 - 23 May - Workshop in Durban & Cape Town 5 June 7 August 2 October ​ Please click here for the Events Photo Gallery

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