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Information brochure for application of registered person - Electrical Installation Regulations

Prerequisites for Application
 1. Has registration as an Installation Electrician for two years.
2. Has five years practical experience in hazardous locations.
3. Has a National N3 Certificate or a technical grade 12 with relevant subjects.
4. Has a Statement of Results for the Specialised Codes Paper 1 & 2 as administered by the FET Campus.
5. Has a Statement of Results from the EWSETA for the 2x Unit Standards for hazardous locations.


 a) The applicant completes the SAFA application form to be assessed by the SAFA MIE appointed Group, this assessment will validate the workplace competency of the applicant, and the applicant will undergo an interview

 b) SAFA MIE group will evaluate the portfolio of evidence and approve or reject the application

 c) The SAFA MIE group will consist of a broad spectrum of the Ex industry and training centres.  DOL may forward questions that could form part of the questions that can be asked during the interview.

 d) The applicant will be questioned during the interview regarding Explosion Prevention Methodologies.

 e) The SAFA MIE group will identify gaps (if any) during the interview and request the applicant to close these gaps and apply to be re-assessed.

 f) The SAFA MIE group will sign a Certificate of Personal Competency (COPC) and addressed to DOL and also submitted to the applicant was successful

 g) All COPC’s will be captured in a data base that will be kept at SAFA, and will be available to DOL on request.

Note: Applicant needs to complete the application form and submit it electronically to SAFA with proof of payment (R 1250.00). Please note that an invoice will be automatically generated with the SAFA Banking details when the application has been submitted!

To register as a Master Installation Electrician (MIE) please complete this application for Certificate of Personal Competency (COPC), you can choose to either apply online or download, print and complete this short pdf form and return to


SAFA Membership Process Flow
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