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  • SAFA MiE Free Workshop - May 2024

    SAFA MIE Workshops in Durban and Cape Town 21 - 23 May 2024

  • News & Marketing | The South African Flameproof Association

    News & Marketing SAFA News Engineers Need To Act Now ​ The Minister for the Built Environment has published dra ft policy docu ment Notice 337 of 2008 indicating that ECSA would be converted into a professional board that will report to the South African Council for Built Environment (SACBE) who in turn will report to the Minister for the Built Environment.

  • TC0065

    TC 0065 SABS-TC 0065_N537_IEC_P-PUBS_SC31G SABS-TC 0065_N539_IEC_P-PUBS_SC31M SABS-TC 0065_N540_IEC_P-PUBS_TC31 SABS-TC 0065_N541_IEC_P-PUBS_TC70 SABS-TC 0065_N542_IEC_WORKPROGRAMME_SC31G SABS-TC 0065_N543_IEC_WORKPROGRAMME_SC31J SABS-TC 0065_N545_IEC_WORKPROGRAMME_TC31 SABS-TC 0065_N546_list of Reaffirm standards SABS-TC 0065_N547_programme of work_TC065 SABS-TC 0065_N548_Published standards since last meeting SABS-TC 0065_N549_Published standards_TC065 SABS-TC 0065_N550_SABS-TC 0065_N512_Ratified Minutes_SABSTC065_26 April 2023 SABS-TC 0065_N551_SABSTC065 Committee Meeting Agenda_25 April 2024 SABS-TC 0065_N552_SABS-TC0065_SBP_2024 ​

  • 404 Error Page | SAFA

    THERE’S NOTHING HERE... The link you followed may be broken, or the page might have moved. Return Home

  • SAFA MIE Workshop - 23 May 2024 - Cape Town

    SAFA MIE Workshops in Durban and Cape Town 23 May 2024 - Cape Town Registration Terms and Conditions: Please contact Dion Abrahams if you are unable to attend - ​ If you don’t have a Valid Purchase Order Number please use your phone number

  • SAFA AGM 2023

    SAFA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 6 SEPTEMBER 2023 REGISTER NOW SAFA 45th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 6 September 2023 13:00 – 15:00 Venue: ACDC Dynamics, 2 Nguni Drive, Longmeadow Estate West, Edenvale, JHB ​ 1. NOTICE CALLING THE MEETING 2. APOLOGIES 3. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING • Minutes of meeting held 14 September 2022 4. PRESIDENTS REPORT 5. FINANCE • Audited Financial Statements for year ending 30 June 2023 7. AUDITORS • Appointment of auditors 8. YOUNG PROFESSIONALS 10. PRESENTATION • Speaker & Topic (TBA) 10. CLOSURE IMPORTANT: Registration is compulsory. Members are reminded that the Company is the SAFA Member, and not the individual. Therefore, you are welcome to invite your colleagues to attend the SAFA Annual General Meeting and all other SAFA General Meetings.

  • Copy of Intrinsic Safety | SAFA

    Intrinsic Safety Please contact with any suggestions or comments of matters concerning intrinsic safety. ​ The group will meet every two months, and has set its objectives as follows: ​ To communicate on a regular basis. To gain and exchange knowledge and experience between end users, suppliers, vendors, test houses, and legal authorities. To share and implement best practices. To ensure practical IS installations and standardize on IS loops. To identify and discuss typical problems and concerns in the industry and solve them. To get feedback from the test houses and trends in the international arena. To fill the gap in the knowledge of role players. To provide information on local IA certification & the implications. To work towards full compliance with IECEx. Exic Clarification From IS Sub-Committee Meeting These questions were raised at the IS meeting on 18 August. Herewith follows the questions and answers: Q - Where does it say that Exic is for zone 2 only? A - The relationship is identified in 60079-14 section 5.3 and 5.4 - (please click here for 60079-14 section 5.3 and 5.4) Q - Where does it say that it does not require a barrier/isolator? A - This statement isn't true, you will need an IS interface - barrier, isolator or I/O card or a device with suitable IS safety parameters declared. Q - Where does it say that you can run Exic wiring with Exia & Exib wiring? A - It appears in both 60079-14 and Draft 60079-25 - (Please click here for the latter) Q - What is necessary for loop drawing approvals? i.e. how do you do calcs? A - It will follow the same process that we have now. However, as per Chris T note cable parameters are not likely to cause a problem for most installations. Please Click Here for the 'Comparison of the techniques of Intrinsic Safety ‘ic’ and Energy Limitation ‘nL' View Intrinsic Safety Documents

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